Sunday, March 8, 2009


...dapat may iblog ako dahil may ikinagulat akong balita ngayon, share sana ko ng opinion pero parang 'wag nalang, ayoko mawalan ng trabaho noh...eto nalang see this... 1 and 2


"march 11-update:
ABS CBN Already realesed a statement"

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Oliver said...

I wasn't able to watch the said episode... but just based on the premise, tumaas na ang kilay ko.

point no 1: I would understand MMK's intention of highlighting the "mahirap humanap ng trabaho" angle since it's very relevant. But for goodness sakes, did they really have to involve an educational institution?!?! pwede naman hindi na isali kung saang school galing ang character, di ba? I think what the producers are trying to say here is that kahit na gaano ka kagaling, at kahit galing ka sa isang prestigous na school, mahirap talaga humanap ng work. which i feel has some truth to it, but the whole story was really BLOWN OUT of proportion

point no 2: As a UP alumnae, I find it very detrimental to our school's reputation that ABS CBN would perpetrate (whether unknowingly) that UP would produce such an individual. Para na ring sinabing walang kuwenta ang edukasyong napupulot namin sa Unibersidad

point no 3: It's very undignified that ABS CBN would show a story, claim that it's true to life (coz really, that's what MMK is all about, right?) and then with just a little digging discover that it's all a sham. Kung sino man ang reseracher at writer ng ep na yun ay dapat ng mawalan ng work sa ginawa nila. If they're going to involve an institution such as UP, sana, they'd check their facts. I mean really, that's the responsible thing to do (unless of course they were from a school that taught them otherwise and yet were very fortunate to find a job!, ironic noh?)

Yun lang... nawa'y di masikil ng korporasyon ang iyong tinig Mrs J. We are all entitled to our opinions. Kung magagalit sila seio for saying something that is true, well, kasalanan NILA un, the souldn't have done it in the first place....

Kumukulo na dugo ko teh, kain lang ako ng ice.. hehehe


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