Thursday, August 7, 2008

Playmate: Mirriam Quiambao?

...from MISS U runner up
now...PLAYMATE?! it a WINNER?
a RUNNER UP again?

for the Pix...thanks to Mr. Dennis Celestial


Kiks said...

Playboy used to be a very good read way back the 1970s and 1980s. Never akong nainteresan sa centerfols and hubong women nila pero the articles were worth the read.

kung si mirrian quiambao ay maghuhubo, hindi ako makapagreact. malay mo naman, extra challenge yan sa kanya!

kasama si paolo bediones.

jericho said...

pretty talaga sya. sayang, allergic ako sa playboy. chos!

caryn said...

OMG. true ba ito?

Wilberchie said...

Y not? Proud to be Thomasian!

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