Sunday, August 10, 2008



...since my last blog i said i want change and you'll see it happen slowly...

like in ABS CBN primetime block, changes will happen! actually there will be an addition. its the much anticipated fantaserye (fantasy- series): DYOSA.

played by my favorite ANNE CURTIS. i will not blog about the shows perse, fine to give you an idea of what is it all about, well lets just say Dyosa is the daughter of two powerful gods and goddess and she can transform into three (3) "beings" Dyosa-agua (water), Dyosa-cielo (air) and Dyosa-tierra (earth). Now her mission? to put things in order in her race and to find true love, but the catch can she fulfill this if she just find out she is the DYOSA!?! hmmm...napapaisip? well watch it tomorrow in ABS CBN PRIMETIME BLOCK.

Now, whats my post all about? well kasi natatakot me for the show...there is no question about the concept and the ideas behind it. it fresh and something new...from mermaids to superhero to detectives and fairies now its about time...dapat bang mahuli ang i believe is the first "unexplainable" beings not just in popculture but even in every race's culture! diba naman kaya nga may units nito sa academics natin eh.

but the thing is...the fanterye is held by Direk Wenn deramas...erggh...scary! yah...after kasi of his series of seryes fantasy in particular medio joke ang nangyayari hindi nagiging consistent. he had Marina- which i believe is maganda nakakuha nga ito ng whopping 63% for pilot episode eh. (tnx to until ng tumatagal na ito at hindi na siguro mastretch and story ayun...bumababa na ang quality. magkaron ba naman kung anek anek na names for bato at mga likido?! then came Kampanerang Kuba- original ni ate vi, naging happy kaya si ate vi? hmmm...naging musical may mga cartoons pa! was starred by Anne Curtis din and it didn't create a fuzz but dismay. now its Dyosa's turn ayoko maranansan nito ang bad fate ng 2, or in Anne's case Kuba's fate. pero basing it to its TRAILER... nake! mukhang oo ata...lets just see...

_ _ _

last month ABS CBN showed the press its new and exiting shows and together with Dyosa, there are a lot of programs that are remakes like My Girl- from korea, by kim chiu and Betty lafea- from colombia, by bea alonzo. a lot of shows are promising but rumor has it...another show which is still happening and still is awaiting for its 2nd season which is a teen-drama series from the states. its GOSSIP GIRL, it's rumored to be TAGALIZED!...yes you read it right. gagawing tagalog ang GG. hmmm pasok kaya sa panlasang pinoyn ang CHIZMOSANG BABAE? and the cast are as follows:

...ngayon palang kahit walang confirmation, a lot are already
reacting about it, maraming may ayaw at nachicheapan pag ginawa daw ito. hmmm...
naalala ko tuloy un atta girls before na remake atempt ng dos sa Sex in the City,
chaki talaga nga yun, pero siguro pangprimetime ito at di pang weekends.
may take on this? well honestly, im not in full support na tagalugin din itong GG
dahil feeling ko trying hard ang magiging dating nito at masyadong elitista ang show and
to put it in a country like ours na naghihingalo at papakitaan mo ng branded stuff?
naku patay tayo dyan! di kaayaaya! pero honestly...gusto ko rin siyang
matuloy if ever, i want to see kung KAYA. and kung pano nila gagawing MANHATTAN ang MANILA. well lets just wait and see, for now mga bakla relax lang muna!

_ _ _

i'm a proud Kapamilya and up to now im still praying na tawagan na ko ng HR nila para makapiling ko na ang estasyong simula't sa pul eh akoy nagnanais na makapagtrabajo.
hay...i so love PINOY SHOWBIZ!
ABSCBN multiply thanx sa pictures!


RONeiluke, RN said...

gusto ko mapanood yung tagalized version ng gossip girl...hindi ko pa napapanood yung original but the cast is really cool with KC in it..hehe!

ika said...

dyosa will most likely be add to the increasing numbers of the junk shows on primetime. not that all junk means bad.

mrs.j said...


kc is everywhere!

medio nakakasuya na wag sana siyang maging lucky manzano...

mrs.j said...


sige dont worry dadalin nalang dw siya sa junkshop!


dam-dam said...

naku, mam, pag nasa abs kana, simulan mong baguhin ang sistema ha?

Kiks said...

kapamilya na talaga!!!

kalansay said...

go kapamilya. haha. well well patience is a virtue...

magkita tayo sa tunay nating tahanan.


goddess said...

hihintayin ko ang pagbabagong yan..
sana for the better!

Lyka Bergen said...

sana i tagalized din ang Brothers and Sisters. Mas Venga!

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