Friday, August 13, 2010

Fever is on! Miss Universe 2010

Eto na ulit ang panahon na ang sang kabadingan ay tumututok!

Ang super bowl at world cup ng mga lola mo: Miss Universe2010

This year is not like any other year! The last time i felt like this was 1999 when Mirriam Quiambao won Miss U 1st runner up... Will our very own rep this year: Maria Venus Raj gets the crown? SHE HAS A STRONG CHANCE!!!

Besides being number 1 in the miss universe poll, frontrunner at talagang favorite siya, hindi nawawala sa mga lists ng mga pageant experts!

Now here are the latest updates about her:

- besides being hand picked by miss u org to do the media tour kaliwat kanan din ang tv exposures ni V c/o of abs-cbn america.
- favorite siya ng ilan sa mga sponsors like farouk.. So expect her sa mga sponsors vids sa telecast (i remember ganito rin si mirriam!
-controversial fotoshoot by fadil; she didnt go topless, love sia ni fadil and he requested to paint her in GOLD.
-her latest missU picture wearing an orange gown, hindi yan ang evening gown nia, its SILVER.
-minamaldita sia ni Ms. Peru: tinatawag siyang Chaperone! (peru joined ms.earth08, V was her chaperone)
-signed boxing gloves by manny pacquiao and south sea pearls ang auction gift ni V.
-kakatapos lng ng missU welcome dinner/cocktails where in V was requested to meet the missU lawyer paula(?) (V had a chance to talk to her before dahil sa dethronement issue); they talked. So in short V kilalang kilala siya ng MissU org!

These are just some of the updates... I cant wait for aug.23! Hope this wil be the chance for us to have the crown back!

Special thanks to OPMB worldwide for these credible updates ;)

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Lyka Bergen said...

Bongga ang V ha. Kahit top 15 OK na... Viva V!

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