Thursday, March 4, 2010

Barbie wears PINOY COUTURE

...ang well loved toy eber since ay rumampa for a cause wearing Pinoy designs from our greatest talents:

Top Filipino designers were commissioned to create fashions for the iconic Barbie doll to raise funds for a Ballet Philippines auction for the benefit of their scholars on March 17. Ballet Philippines’ new chairman is 1973 Miss Universe Margie Moran-Floirendo. Among the 40 designers are Vittorio Barba, JC Buendia, Louis Magalona Claparols, Dong Omaga-Diaz, Len Nepomuceno Guiao, Rajo, Laurel, Tippi Ocampo, James Reyes, Cary Santiago and Eric delos Santos.

Louis Claparols drew inspiration from old sci-fci movies, James Reyes from the black swan in Swan Lake, JC Buendia from the First Lady, and Tippi Ocampo from the modern ballerina. Vittorio Barba, Cary Santiago and Eric delos Santos dressed Barbie in clothes or versions of pieces from their past and present collection. Dong Omaga-Diaz’s “Inday Barbies” wore “real and wearable clothes,” while Len Nepomuceno Guiao had five themes: Opera, Disco, Cocktail, Red Carpet and Grecian. Rajo Laurel created the “Barbie Elements: Fire, Wind, Water and Earth.”

by Vittorio Barba

by Tippi Ocampo

by Rajo Laurel

by Louis Clarapols

by Len Nepomuceno Guiao

by Jc Buendia

by James Reyes

by Dong Omaga-Diaz

...Sosyal ng Lola Barbie diba? at effort din sa pagtahi! congrats to all lalo na sa mga pinoy designers pang WORLD CLASS talaga!, personal Fave ko? yung kay Louis C. at V. Barba
to see more of the pictures CLICK HERE
*pictures and article courtesy of www.Spot.PH

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