Friday, January 8, 2010

iCrush: Pelayo

i have a crush... him:

his name is Pelayo Diaz- isang fasyon blogger- currently based dito sa london.

his a celebrity in his own right well, i just stumbled in his blog and im currently undressing...este knowing him his a cutie, a spanish decent well so far i think he is straight---na mahilig mag strut ng mga signature girly brands such as Viviene Westwood and Chanel. his so cute and hot... loving the hair!

heres him showing off his Chanel Quilted tweed pouch...(wahhh i want one! and its green my favorite color!)

he became famous due to his creation: CROSS DESIGN SHIRT MADE OF SAFETY PINS.

and even R&B superstar RIHANNA personally requested na gawan siya ng version para sa kanyang music video na "Hard"

taray ng lolo mo! i crush him super talaga!

a guy who can wear a kilt and still look so MANLY ay talaga namang pasok na pasok!

*pictures courtey of and

1 comment:

Oliver said...

ay mare, lubusin ang pagkakataon habang ika'y nasa lahndahan at hagilapin ang hunkiness papalicious na itrech.

bihira ang ganitech sa les manille!

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