Wednesday, February 11, 2009

bye my BOY and KRIS

...hay i really hate goodbyes, i even discussed it before diba? well eto i'm saying goodbye again...
for almost 3 months na kasama ko sila, nakatrabaho ANG DAMI KONG NATUTUNAN. and the BEST LESSON I LEARNED was: LOVE YOUR WORK!

...kaya nga eto tiis tiis, kahit mahirap ang tarabaho, tuloy pa din.
mamimiss ko sila, i remember watching today with kris before and dreaming of having my own talk show or wanting to be the next king of talk haha dahil sa kontrobersyal at private conversations, up to now i still cant believe that kris knows me! she even call me TITO JASON! (sorry marc...she really knows me! haha) and tito boy never fails to laugh at my ayerrrrrrr moves!

i'm sad but at the same time i'm happy coz i learned! kahit di ko na sila makakasama ng 24/7 i'm still with them every sunday... sa THE BUZZ!

i'll miss you BOY and KRIS :(

"kahit sad...happy narin- may sense?"


lucas said...

tapos na pala to.

kalansaycollector said...

powerful tito jason.

Abou said...

muntik mo na sila sapawan

Kiks said...

tito jason talaga?!

i miss u missuz.

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