Saturday, August 16, 2008


...its once again AMERICA's NEXT TOP MODEL! one of the most successful reality show in the WORLD! aba? may magcontess ba? excuse ha...bilangan na lang daw ng franchise sa iba't ibang country!

eversince it started Tyra's been advocating the idea of "comfortability with once skin" and being "true to once self" in short being BE CONFIDENT! indeed FASHION is no mercy! so one should be strong and really work hard!

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for the past cycles of ANTM, the shows been criticized for its decision of who the winners are. it started with cycle 9 winner Saleisha:
...the rule of the show kasi is the aspiring should be INEXPERIENCED or AMATEUR and without ANY EXPOSURE TO TRI MEDIA! but in Saleisha's case she's been actually everywhere. She even had her own commercial and she guested in some shows like Ugly betty and in Tyra's show: tyra

NEXT is cycle 10's winner and the very FIRST PLUS SIZED or FULL FIGURED MODEL: Whitney

...whats CONTROVERSIAL about this? hmmm well kasi she's BIG (for me she's actually normal). and the question is? IS FASHION READY FOR HER? wish ko lang may mga makuha siyang projects!

_ _ _ _ _

...cycle 11 will air this September 3 and it will be opened with a 2 hour primer! (oh!! i can't wait!) so what's instore for this cycle? whats different? or should i say WHO'S DIFFERENT?! di pa man din nagsisimula! issuera na ang cycle 11 na ito! tapos na ang CONFIDENCE for cycle 9, tapos na ang COMFORTABILITY for cycle for cycle 11? GENDER-BENDER!

One of the 14 girls who will compete on the new season of America's Next Top Model – which returns to The CW on September 3 – is transgender.

"My cards were dealt differently," Isis, a 22-year-old former receptionist, tells Us Weekly exclusively in its new issue, on newsstands now.

Hailing from Prince George's County, Maryland, Isis identifies herself as "a woman born physically male."

Will she be a role model?

"I like to help people, but I'm here to follow my dreams," she tells Us.

The inclusion of Isis is being hailed by GLAAD president Neil Giuliano as "an unprecedented opportunity for a community that is underrepresented on television.

"We applaud Tyra Banks and The CW for making this historic visibility of transgender people possible," Giuliano said.

oh diba?! ay nako ewan ko nalang! so mga ate ko! here's our VERY OWN ATE!: Isis

...dipa sapat yung proof na interview? heres the video!

well lets just see, will she make it?
ay nako pag pwede siya! bat ako hindi?!


mel beckham-atienza said...

I'm sure babahain ng nega si Tyra for doing this. Kesyo, ginagamit si Isis for the show's publicity, etc. Anyway, it's still a win-win situation. Isis is able to follow her dreams. ANTM once again will be the talk of the town. And Isis' inclusion as a finalist is a tremendous breakthrough in reality television.

That's all.

Kiks said...

bengga. bengga ka rin beckham!

RONeiluke, RN said... napanood ko nga sa tyra isang gabi yung tungkol sa transgender... tyra's show is really informative...but i like ellen's more..haha!

goddess said...

sa ms universe sana pwede na din ang tranny!!

bena-yot said...

grabe! when i found out about Isis transgender making it in ANTM natuwa ako ever! ala lng.. kc ibang level na sya! Go sistah go! hihihi...

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