Friday, May 16, 2008


Dear MAM:

This may come of a surprise, after 2 weeks of "testing the waters" and allowing myself to discover the company. I came to a decision of letting myself move on. I'm a student leader for 4 years and just like what I said in my initial interview I was trained to deliver and surpass the expectations of people. I became such without sacrificing my own beliefs and principles. I also mentioned that I wanted an environment that is inviting, that allows me to grow, that is in harmony. Knows when to be serious and Also knows how to make fun. Adjusting to any environment is already second nature to me but I've been able to do that without being constraint and changing my personality entirely.

For two weeks, for that short span of time mam I gave my all, I took initiative and tried to adapt to the work that was given to me the best way, I know I can, but at the end of each day it saddens me that I feel incomplete, as if theres something lacking, I'm not happy.

I personally saw and even experience some of those ways of the management that I find questionable or some what weird?, I need not to elaborate anymore for I believe all of you knows what I'm saying.

So to not prolong that agony and considering that I'm still under your probationary period, I'm declaring my resignation in this company. I don't want to be unfair to your company and to myself. I know that you'll be disappointed but I know for a fact that you understand where I'm coming from. I'm taking risks here. but I'm also taking all my chances. I don't want to wait for the day that I'd be eaten up by this system.

Thank you for the experience and for the companionship. I'm rendering my resignation starting Monday, May 19 ,2008 and I will not be reporting anymore. I left all the things that this company gave me in my table even the calling cards and the pins. I also haven't signed my contract.

Again thank you for the experience and making me realize how important an environment in ones HAPPINESS and SUCCESS.

Sincerly yours


Anonymous said...


good luck sa susunod na chapter ng sexlife, i mean corporate life mo.

rik32miles said...

Okey, by the power vested on me...I accept your resignation..ching! ang taray mo neng..goodluck sa new job!

Mugen said...

Goodluck sa bago mong career endeavor. Enjoy enjoy lang sa pag-eexplore kasi pag medyo napatagal ka na sa isang company, mahirap na maghanap ng iba. :)

kalansaycollector said...


mrs.j said...

salamat sa inio!

madrama akez noh? bongga ako talaga!

its from my heart..hay atlast im free!

Turismoboi said...

ganda ng resignation!

Jezebel Patel said...

bakit ka naman nagresign? itu ba yung sa abs? narape ka ba ne? did they abuse you.. did they call your brother a pig?

mrs.j said...

wiz marse jeza! sa Artstshop...

read mo ang naunang post ko about it...

ang abs cbn dedz pa din! ang tagal ng training marse!

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