Sunday, January 6, 2008


TSITP: The Search for the Ideal
Thomasian Personalities2008

Grand Launching Last Dec. 17'07

at the UST-TYK buliding

This is a month-long activity for the SOCC and the candidates which will be composed of series of group and personality development, workshops and talent showcase. This is the most prestigious personality search in the University of Santo Tomas. This will also be an avenue for students’ advocacies which would strengthen their qualities as a Thomasian.
this year's theme?: MODERN SAFARI, composed of different Colleges/Faculties and Institution they all represent the variety of traits of every Thomasian..., they were assigned an ANIMAL based on the colleges' quality that is patterned with the core valuess of the University...OO kailang ipasok aang 3Cs (Competent, Compassion, Committed) kaya mga ate't kuya?! samahan natin sila sa kanilang adventure...ready to meet them and begin your bets?! here they are the first batch of candidates in this year's search!
unahin natin ang mga SCIENCE at MEDICAL realated courses:
PHARMACY: angela and alvin
NURSING: crystal and alex
MEDICINE: kat and kevin
SCIENCE: frynx and christian
REHAB. SCIENCES: kim and norby be continued


Turismoboi said...

asan ang rep ng aking hrm at tourism


tsaka parang mga badingerz ang iba ha?

pls tell me its just make up

mrs.j said...


so far wala nmn...or d ko pa gnun na aamoy pero o.a lng ang mke up cguro...

Mugen said...

Exotic ata taste ko sa lalaki. Mas natotomboy pa ako sa mga tsiks dre. Lol.

mrs.j said...



yah maganda cla and i cant blame u!! wait till you see d oder college pa!

ika said...

next one pls.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

si alvin pang Miss Pharmacy


mrs.j said...

sige next na!

mrs.j said...


kaw talaga.. di naman.. sa angulo lang cguro,,

Anonymous said...

amuyin mo na mrs j bwahahaha


aj sotteau said...

knowsung ko si alvin nagmodel siya sa fashion show namin before, gwapo siya in person..

Abad said...

Sino sa AB? Si Jon ba? bloghopped.

Kiks Phulumulu said...

si alvin, gwapo, AJ? type ko sina kevin at alex.

pero feeling ko, pamhinta pa rin.

at meron talagang ganito ang USTE?

CARL said...

walang aB?

mrs.j said...

wait lang tayo ok?!

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