Thursday, July 12, 2007


thank you for:

- for this friendster pic
- being d HARI NEGROS 2006
- being VEGAN (or vegetarian :) )
- being gay and with an awardee partner! (kaiingit)

and for being true to your word...

THANK YOU for my HEADER!! hehe
more more pa! (",)


Lyka Bergen said...

Bakit thank you? Anong ginawa sa you?

mrs.j said...

*ung header gnawa nia! hehe nice dba..

Mark Xander said...

Hi Lyka.

Mrs.J: Oh that was nothing. Actually, I will redo the header.. I don't think it goes very with your template (or maybe you need a new template? (LOLZ) Will e-mail you as soon as things slow down a bit (things are spinning from where I'm at, LOLZ)

Thank you for your patience.

mrs.j said...

il be waiting mark hehe

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