Tuesday, June 19, 2007


from ALBIE of accountancy...

"a person saw me tryin to find something, he asked me what i was looking for... i answered 'my life', he asked 'did you lose it?' i sed , 'no i didn't, i just wasted it on someone not worth it' "

...akong ako to eh,

...mahirap talaga lalu pa't di naman ikaw ang naUNA, tapos ng ANDUN na at nagiging MASAYA ako pang ang BABAWIAN at magsasabing TAMA na! AYAW ko na...hay....

1 comment:

Lyka Bergen said...

Ang lufeeet!

(You see, we have a lot of lives to live. You have spent and wasted one... now, live the next. who knows, this next one will be better).

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