Saturday, June 16, 2007

the ALAMOST controversial "Anna Theresa Licaros, 22, Philippines"

i was scanning for more updates and controversies sa nangyaring pageant last may 29 2007 ang unang pageant for this year! MISS UNIVERSE 2007, since halos lahat na ata ay nakapagbigay comment na at up to now some are not over with it... even a publication in school has an article about MISS USA's fall and boos from mexicans kaloka talaga! we are so loving pageants talaga!
and little do we know na gumawa parin pala ng ingay ang ating

" Anna Theresa Licaros, 22, Philippines"

sa nakaraang beauty pageant! well thanks to globalbeauties...
...kaya ayan i share ko sa inio!

from the

5/15 - It's in Asia, after all! It's been confirmed that Miss Philippines never said that she would not be photographed with the Asian delegates because the Philippines "is not an Asian country". Apparently what happened was that when Miss Philippines saw the Asian group being photographed, and she was not in it, she approached the photographer and asked "hey, how about me? Am I not Asian"?.
Miss Japan's limited knowledge of the English language caused the misunderstanding.

Below, the lovely Asian ladies striking a pose, including the almost controversial Miss Philippines!

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